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Jook Doodle Woman

Doodle drawings. Pop-surrealism. Original digital limited art.
Murals. Colourposters and doodle t-shirts.

Doodle art from Jook

For years Jook has been building her own private ‘empire of doodles’. She uses a self-invented technique of automatic drawing to delve into the subconscious. By quickly drawing, barring any conscious thought, she’s giving as much room as possible to her imagination. A new and totally unique world arises. Her anthropomorphic and surreal scenes depict a plethora of creatures, spanning from cute and innocent-looking to downright bizarre and monster-like. She invites you to get inspired. Join Jook’s world! Jook was a finalist for the Lumen Art Price, frequently has art shows and partakes in exhibitons at home and abroad.

Jook artstudio

Muscarstraat 10

8400 Oostende

Open during special events only

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